Hanabi classified visual catalog, You can see at a glance.

Tere are many kind of shells and fireworks that you looking at display.
This page will introduce typical styles of fireworks in Japan. If you know each name of launchig shells, you will enjoy fireworks more and more. Name your original title to your favorite one, it's another fun,too.
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hirub.gif Daylight Shells and Night Shells
Did you think fireworks is the night things isn't it? What is "Daylight shell"?                      

Warimono, Han-warimono, Poka-mono. Rising Atachments.

Most typical traditional Japanese fireworks are blooming perfect round circle in the sky, like a Chrysanthemums and Peonies. You can see standard type of round shells in this chapter.
A Difference between Chrysanthemum and Peony

New style fireworks

Carrying old knowledge into new ages, Looking for "Irregularity" by breakig up Regularity. There are new age's one not traditinal but based tradition.

Starmines, Wide-scale starmines
These are the most popular program on recent firewoks display. It's conbinated and launching many kinds of shells. Feels very speedy and rhythmical.

Ground Effects,Water Fireworks and the other traditional fireworks in japan.
Ground and Water-born fireworks are good partner of the main launching. Niagara Falls line effect, Candle, Comet, Fountains, Girandola, etc.

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